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Baroque Collection


A collection of artist designed hand crafted silk scarves. These scarves feature unique designs that are complete replicas of original artworks by the artist. Each design is made completely by hand in the FlorenceArt.Net studio. The scarves are the highest quality 100 percent heavy silk, with hand rolled edges. Each design has a unique story behind it that symbolises something more than a silk scarf. Pass these messages to someone special through the gift of a scarf or wear it yourself and embrace the meaning every time you put it on. Please explore the range below.


Design Inspirations

Behind each design is imagery that evokes the magic of the world of Baroque music or explores a theme that Alison has encountered in the wonderful decorations of the past she has studied for her work as a harpsichord painter.  She says: "Over the years I have become fascinated with the world of baroque music. It is a little niche in our modern world where we still apply craft to create a lavish sensual experience.  In this world we can experience a night's concert that awakens all the senses, either in an exquisitely decorated theatre, or in a beautiful garden, hearing sweet music from finely crafted instruments, enjoying the scent of evening flowers. Some may feel that the sensual experience is quickly over, but the creation of it has changed all those who created it and enjoyed it. We benefit from artistic work, and I would like to celebrate this. "

Design Process


Alison starts with an inspiration and makes some sketches in charcoal and then in colour. She then stretches a canvas and creates a full size painting of the scarf design, using traditional paints like casein and temperas made with pure pigments. Alison works with a carefully selected printing company in Como to reproduce her designs on silk. The choice of a heavy good quality silk and the expertise of the printers allow a faithful reproduction of the artist’s work. See the gallery below for images of the design process.

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