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The artist's description: For those who love music at twilight in the most magical of places, the garden. This scarf design is inspired by the feeling of the passage of time, the flowering of music in the air, and the craft of artistic work. The smell of flowers and the sound of a melody in the garden is a fleeting pleasure in a world of fleeting sensations. I was thinking about the fact that a lot of craft and care goes into making a garden, or learning to play an instrument, or creating a work of art. The discipline of a craft hones our senses to better enjoy the world that surrounds us. The topiary musicians and the baroque characters in the corners representing sunsets are playful and theatrical. The Latin inscription Vita brevis ars longa means life is short, art is long. It continues to be a tradition to include Latin inscriptions in the decoration of a harpsichord.

Night Garden Silk Scarf

€ 120,00Price
  • Material: The scarves are high quality, printed on 100 percent heavy silk, with hand rolled edges, made from start to finish in Italy. They are only available from studio.
    Size: 90cm x90cm (35X35 inches circa)

  • In order to protect your purchase and ensure safe delivery, products are shipped door to door by express courier. This can take up to 5 working days.

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