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Our studio is a master artisan studio recognised by the city of Florence and the region of Tuscany. Our skills are employed to translate your ideas into beautiful art work. When you commission this studio for your project, you are employing artisans that have been working for many years within the Florentine tradition. This is an unbroken tradition which goes back to the renaissance and informs the artisan in terms of proportion, composition, iconography, style, color, and quality of materials, all knowledge that the artisan will bring to your unique commission.

The studio can reproduce or paint in the style of various periods of historical hand painted decoration from classical, to renaissance, baroque  and rococo painting techniques, or bring originality and inventiveness to contemporary creations. We design and produce  site specific artwork and decoration for interiors, decorate harpsichords, furniture, create designs for fabric,  stencils and original interior decoration. We work with woodworkers and master wood carvers to meet your needs for bespoke creations and reproductions of furniture and frames. Our mastery of antique artisan techniques and skills such as gilding, trompe l'oeil, grisaille, fresco, sgraffito, and grottesca decoration give an authentic beauty to your decoration project.


Please email or contact us for a free consultation

Past Commissions


Past commissions include pieces for the Opéra Royal de Versailles, Salvatore Ferragamo, luxury boutique hotels, villas, concert halls, and individuals and groups. Please contact the studio for details or view our galleries below.

Salvatore Ferragamo


In 2016, Alison was commissioned to create hand painted designs for a scarf and a t-shirt for Ferragamo’s Creations. The painted pieces incorporated some of Ferragamo’s best loved iconic shoes depicted as topiary in a fantasy garden. The idea was to show the creative roots of the company, the essence of the artisan work behind it and how this artistry was cultivated to grow a magical international brand.

Villa Di Modolo


Together with Gary Lord of Wall Options USA, Alison led a group of American decorative painters to execute her custom designs on the walls of the historical Villa of Modolo, home of the Miari Fulcis family in the Veneto region. The intention of the decoration was to render useable the plain hallway at the rear of the villa. The hallway was needed because it linked the beautifully frescoed salons of the villa, but the hosts were not using it during functions because it did not match the level or tone of the beautifully decorated rooms it connected. The idea of the project was to make the hallway beautiful too, in a slightly more modern style which felt light and inviting while maintaining a connection in style to the historical decorations already present in the villa. The video below shows a report featured on Tele Belluno, the main news channel for the Belluno province. 

Commissions Process


If you are interested in commissioning the studio, please contact us for a free consultation with you to understand your needs. For suitable projects, we will then provide a free quotation. Once terms and costs are agreed we ask for a deposit and we will provide samples and sketches. Once approved we will continue with the finished piece, keeping strong communication with you throughout. Full payment must then be made before work is delivered.