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A note for search engine users: another term for gilding is gold leafing. Guilding is a misspelled version of the same word, it is common but incorrect.

Italian Artisan Workshop Courses
Workshops with accomplished professionals in the artisan and restoration fields in Florence, Italy.

Florenceart Studio Courses: A Source of Historical Knowledge and Up-to-Date Skills

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 About our courses 
We offer a range of courses designed to effectively teach the skills of decorative painting, decoration of furniture and interiors, gilding, wall finishes and plaster applications, trompe l'oeil painting and the restoration of historical decoration.

Artisans who teach for the Florenceart Studio-school are contemporary masters of their craft, chosen for their ability to transmit their knowledge effectively. The uniquely Italian nature of their knowledge and techniques is part of a precious tradition that we are proud to be able to share with an international audience of course participants. Course participants leave with a certificate from the school attesting to the level of course and hours of attendance. Students certified by Florenceart.net studio school can expect to use the skills acquired to enter into new areas of high-end decorative work and restoration.

Florenceart.net courses are held in Florence and Tuscany so that you can benefit from the immense wealth of inspiration this area has to offer. It is the cradle of the Renaissance, and the city of Florence today offers the highest concentration of important art and architecture in the western world. In fact, the historic Centre of Florence has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We are a studio based in Florence, firmly rooted in the Florentine traditional and in the artisan community here. The owner of the studio is Alison Woolley, a Scottish born, ex-pat Canadian with more than 20 years experience living and working as a decorative artist in Florence. This combination allows Florenceart.net to offer you real interaction with Italian master artisans and their techniques, while facilitating your stay and responding to your need to feel at "home away from home."

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 Course objectives: 
-Create beautifully authentic paint, plaster and leafed finishes using secrets passed down for generations from master craftspeople.
-Increase your appreciation and understanding of how historical artworks are constructed.
-Enjoy the beauty and rich atmosphere of Florence from an insiderís point of view.
-Acquire an understanding of restoration and the process of evaluating genuine antiques.

For Beginners: Learn to create painted and decorative effects that you never thought you could in the city that gave birth to the decorative arts. We give step by step instructions, recipes, and make sample frames and panels. Art lovers and visitors to Florence say that the 'hands on' sessions in the workshop led them to a whole new appreciation of the works of art in the museums.

For advanced students: These courses are for immersing yourself in Italian quality, style and craftsmanship. As professionals you can add some exciting and very genuine quality finishes to your portfolio. We offer you Italian techniques and ways of improving your work, always with an eye on an efficient use of time and a level of quality that will set you apart. Advanced students get a hands on experience with antique pieces from the collection of the Petrucci family, in the palazzo where the Florenceart,net studio is located, under the supervision of the teacher.

These courses are a unique learning opportunity for faux and trompe l'oeil painters, interior designers, antique restorers, crafts people, art connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Decorative Painters and Finishers can explore Italian renaissance finishes and stock up on inspiration right here in Florence where it all started. Students explore the historical aspects of Italian arts and crafts and gain an understanding of the high quality materials and craftsmanship involved in the production of them.


'What an incredible week. All of you are so talented- and now we are too! Thank you for all your patience and time. After taking many classes I can say this one tops them!'
Cynthia Davis
decorative painter and faux finisher
website: http://cynthiadesigns.com
'This has been the best course I have been on in 25 years. The information I have learned has been very valuable as well as the friendship with everybody on the course.'
Philip Herbert
decorative design business owner
Dorset, England
'Unbelievable how rich we came out of this week long course on gilding! Thanks to your vast knowledge and loving approach we will never forget, like sculpted in time as your great scultpors did. Thank you very much. E bellisimo.'
Nimrod Koren and Shimon Ben Shabat
frame artisans, Tel Aviv, Israel
Pe'er Frames

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