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Cremisi Collection


A collection of artist designed hand painted scarves to embrace the creative woman you want to celebrate. These are unique, one of a kind creations, made in the FlorenceArt.Net studio. The scarves are the highest quality 100 percent silk with hand rolled edges, designed and made in Italy. All base designs and colours can be customised as you wish. Scarves can be shipped globally and are the perfect present for a special person, including you. Please explore the range and discover more about the design process below.

Design Process


Each scarf in the Cremisi Collection is handmade by Alison in the FlorenceArt.Net studio. Using a unique blend of digital technology and hand painting, she designs and creates the one of a kind scarves to celebrate the joy that art and music can bring to all our lives. See and hear more from Alison about the design process below.



The scarves have themes of baroque music, you could call them ‘musical scarves’. The motifs and inspiration have come from my many years of experience decorating harpsichords for opera houses, theatres and conservatories all over the world. I design these scarves first on my tablet in digital format and then I have the designs printed on high quality silk in Como, I then paint directly on the silk, mixing my colors by hand. Each scarf is the product of a unique creative moment in the studio. Feel the delight when you hold in your hands an artist's creation, in this world of mass produced fashion


Some people know what is important. They remind you that life is not just about getting up and going to work, then coming home again. They fill life with art and music, laughter and love. Allegra Cremisi is a person that I imagined, the name means happy crimson, and this is how beautiful colors make me feel.  My craft is painting and it gives me joy. My wish is that we should all have something like art or music or gardening or dancing in our everyday lives. These scarves are meant as gifts to celebrate and thank those people who bring us joy, and to remind us to embrace the beauty in our lives.



The striking signature look of these scarves, found only in the realm of the artisan hand made garment, combines the elegant precision of digital print with the refinement and customisation of hand painting by a 'maestra artigiana' (master craftswoman). This unique look is thanks to the innovative combination of digital and hand painting techniques developed by the artist. 

Quickly and easily transform your look for a special day, or evening out at the theatre. Even with a simple black dress, or pants and blouse combination, add one of these scarves and you will be dressed like no one else in the room. You can wear them like a flourish of personal poetry to embrace your inner glow.



As each scarf is made to order, designs and colours can be adjusted as you wish. If you have an image in your mind or a feeling you want to portray through colour combinations, please let us know when ordering your scarf. For all requests for customisation, we will speak to you first to understand your vision. Once a design is in place, the creation process will take between two to four weeks to craft your unique order. It will then be safely delivered to your door by express courier, including a special artist created gift card. Select a scarf in the range to view our gift card options.

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