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The artist's description: I call this scarf Concerto Antico. It is structured in black, white, and shades of grey with a splash of color on the wings of the moths. The design is based on the patterns on an antique leather book binding, the wings of a colourful moth, and a repeat pattern of many antique concert horns. My idea was to contrast the silence of antique things that we see in museums and the bright sounds of a horn concerto. A moth can be a symbol of silence, but also fragility and rebirth.  When we receive something transmitted from the past, like a delicate baroque instrument, it bridges the gap in time. Music can only be appreciated in the present moment. Musicians fill our hearts in the present moment and connect us to the past.


A moth for me symbolizes silence, traditional symbolism links it to rebirth. In a way when an antique instrument is played it is like a rebirth. Music only exists in the present moment. When I look at all those beautiful antique instruments in the museums, like the horns on this scarf, they are like a link to the past that only becomes complete when there is music.


Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang dry. Iron through a protective sheet of cotton or other natural fibre.


Concerto Antico Silk Scarf

€ 160,00Price
  • Collection: Allegro Cremisi 
    Title: Concerto Antico
    Dimensions: 160cm x 30cm (63 x 12 inches circa)
    Material: Pure silk, hand rolled edge
    Made in Italy

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