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Tuscan Decorative Techniques - Intensive Project 2017
(accommodations included)

Participate in this special summer retreat at a beautiful Florentine villa for full immersion training

About the Special Summer Program: This is a unique occasion to learn a wide range of historical art techniques which form the basis of the decorator's craft and are useful not only in interior decoration, but also in individual artistic practices. Enjoy the beautiful, inspiring environment, and the relaxed immersive study.  Participate in a concentrated series of well organized classes and enjoy lots of individual attention from highly skilled teachers, acknowledged experts in these techniques. Customize your program by choosing the modules you want, and because the class size is limited, we can offer you the possibility to customize further within your program, working on projects of your choice. Take this opportunity for great value in these economic times. The Villa Palmerino is a special place, a cultural association entirely dedicated to the support of art and artists. Because of this foundation's special mandate we are able to offer below market value prices for courses and accommodations of this level. The villa  hosts artists, writers and researchers from all over the world and quite often new friendships and creative exchanges are born there. Enjoy exchanges with artists and scholars over a meal, or a casual meeting at one of the seminars or art exhibitions that the villa organizes on a regular basis. To top up on inspiration, a quick local bus ride (truly easy) will take you to the museums and monuments of historical downtown Florence. We are thrilled to have discovered this unique location which is ideal to give you the best of the Tuscan countryside and the best of Florence's museums and cultural attractions at the same time.

Full Month Program: July 2-29
          Weekly Modules: July 2-8, July 9-15, July 16-22, July 23-29.

Cost:  Whole program: 3450 euros single occupancy
          1 week module: 1290 euros single occupancy (check-in Sunday, check-out Saturday)
Fees include: accommodation, scheduled courses, studio sessions, 1 weekly group dinner
Fees do not include: airfares, transportation, groceries and daily meals, art materials - (a list of necessary materials will be provided. Essential materials will be available for purchase)

About the courses: Morning class sessions will be taught by expert teachers. Afternoon sessions will be spent working on studio projects under the supervision of the instructor. Villa Palmerino is a treasure trove of beautiful objects, collected over the years by the artists, restorers and artisans that have owned or been associated with the villa. Our afternoon projects will be the extension of the morning class sessions where you can choose to gain hands on experience in the techniques studied while working on these objects. This application to real world objects is particularly useful for the gilding and furniture decoration segments of the course. The chiaroscuro painting and fresco workshop studio sessions will be executed on canvas and panels which is consistent with professional applications in contemporary interior design. Below you can read more information about the courses and instructors, follow links to detailed descriptions on our studio website, and view pictures of previous courses at the villa.

This intensive experience will allow participants to gain confidence and expertise in their chosen field. Students of the Tuscan Decorator Intensive program will produce samples of each of the techniques executed and carefully document the studio projects for their own portfolios. The program will seek to combine and harmonize many techniques that are the mainstays of traditional decoration, to arrive at a result that is fresh and original. For those who still can't get enough, independent studio time is available evenings outside of working hours.


Week 1:
check in July 2 - check out July 8
Class times: from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Course Description: Students learn both traditional Italian water gilding techniques as well as modern ‘mordant’ gilding techniques for professional applications. Students learn to understand, differentiate and execute the appropriate type of gilding in different situations. Water gilding techniques are useful for making beautiful decorative panels, gilding on furniture and frames, or for the restoration of antique frames. Mordant gilding techniques are more applicable to interior decoration schemes, ceilings and walls. Read More

Villa Palmerino Studio Projects: On site at the villa we have a choice of antique gilded pieces to be restored, and wooden frames to be gilded.

Week 2: Furniture Decoration
check in July 9 - check out July 15
Class times: from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Course Description: Students learn the techniques and materials used for the proper preparation of wooden objects, panels and furniture. The program covers the practical use and formulation of gessoes, casein, lime and chalk paints, as well as antiquing techniques and wax finishes for creating Italian and French style historical furniture finishes. Read more

Villa Palmerino Studio Projects: On site at the villa we have a choice of armoires, cabinets and wooden frames to be decorated.

Week 3: Botanicals with Antique Painting Techniques
check in July 16- check out July 22
Class times: from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Course Description: students learn three different historical mediums and painting techniques.  Dry brush watercolor on vellum, casein on gessoed panel and The Mische technique which combines egg tempera and oil layers to create luminosity.  Read More

Villa Palmerino Outdoor Projects: There are abundant examples of flowers and vegetables flourishing on the grounds of The Palmerino estate which can serve as reference material for botanical studies.

Week 4: Fresco, Sgraffito and Historical Plaster Techniques
check in July 23- check out July 29
Class times: from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Course Description: Students learn true fresco techniques with real lime plaster: how to make fresco plaster with lime and sand, and how to execute decorative work with compatible pigments. These techniques are useful to make high quality decorative panels or for the creation or restoration of decorative frescoes on site, indoors or outdoors. Following on from the study of this traditional medium we will explore the use of plasters for contemporary decoration. Relief plaster, textural surfaces, beautiful antique patinas, lime washes and some scagliola techniques are explored  . Read more

View photos of the summer program on Facebook

Picture Gallery of some pieces from at the Villa Palmerino that we can work on for our studio projects, or take inspiration from:

Instruction is available in English and Italian

Each participant will have their own room with private bathroom. A discounted rate is available for those who wish to share a room. Kitchen and laundry facilities are shared. Free Wifi is available throughout the property.
Here are some photos of the accommodations:

Spaces are limited to 15 students at one time, places will be assigned on a first come first served basis with priority given to students who have studied with the Florenceart.net studio in the past.

Deadline for application: April 18, 2017

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit 30 percent will be required at the time of registration
Deadline for submissions: April 18, 2017
contact the studio by e-mail

Please note:  Students must ensure that they have all necessary visa and health insurance for their stay.

Our studio in Florence:
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