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ABOUT OUR COURSES have been providing art classes and workshops in traditional, historic techniques for over 20 years. We offer a range of courses designed to effectively teach the skills of decorative painting, gilding, mural decoration, painting architectural illusion, trompe l’oeil, historical lime and fresco techniques. 

Our in-person courses are held in Florence and Tuscany in Italy so that you can benefit from the immense wealth of inspiration this area has to offer. We are happy to accommodate beginners to advanced students. We plan your experience with us around giving you the maximum hands-on learning as possible; not just theory, but practice.


We also have some new online classes that you can do to get a taster of what our in-person classes are like. Please see our online classes or keep reading for more information below.


Authentic Teachings



All our courses are taught by the owner of the FlorenceArt.Net studio, Alison Woolley. Alison is a Scottish born, ex-pat Canadian with more than 20 years experience living and working as a decorative artist in Florence. Her teachings and art are firmly rooted in the Florentine tradition and in the artisan community here.  This combination allows to offer you real interaction with Italian master artisans and their techniques, while facilitating your stay and responding to your need to feel at “home away from home”. Florence is a truly unique location to learn. It is the cradle of the Renaissance, and the city of Florence today offers the highest concentration of important art and architecture in the western world. In fact, the historic Centre of Florence has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We have some free video classes and online courses that you can do from home

For Lovers of Art

beginner art workshop in florence


We believe art can be enjoyed by everyone! Across our courses, we cater for all levels. For beginners, we give step by step instructions, recipes, and make sample frames and panels. You can learn to create painted and decorative effects that you never thought you could in the city that gave birth to the decorative arts. Art lovers and visitors to Florence say that the ‘hands on’ sessions in the workshop led them to a whole new appreciation of the works of art that they see in museums. For advanced students, our courses are for immersing yourself in Italian quality, style and craftsmanship. As professionals, you can add some exciting and genuine quality finishes to your portfolio. We offer you Italian techniques and ways of improving your work, always with an eye on an efficient use of time and a level of quality that will set you apart. 


“I couldn’t recommend Alison Woolley enough. She not only generously shares her knowledge with clarity and care but does so with great patience too. I have learnt and assimilated so much thanks to her wonderful teaching style. In just a very few days she not only gave me, a complete novice, the skills to create pieces of art using traditional techniques but she also made them easy to comprehend and assimilate whilst also imparting a deep sense of the whole creative process. The two courses which I attended were in themselves wonderful, but the added bonus is that I can now see that the skills she taught us can be used in many other ways too - for all of this I am so grateful.”

Kim Pearce - Tuscany Italy - Artist - Gilding Course, Volognano Castle Retreat 2021



Select a technique below to learn more about individual courses that we run. If you would like a full list of all courses then please see the Course List below. Throughout the year we also hold retreat courses in which all students stay and learn on site in a beautiful location such as the Castle of Volognano.



The table below shows all our in-person courses. Courses are scheduled according to demand. Once a course is scheduled, dates will be added to the list below. If you are interested in joining a course, please complete our Course Enquiry Form.

Course Group
Course Name
Course Dates
Historical Lime and Fresco Techniques
Historical Lime and Fresco Techniques
Learn to create decorative fresco paintings or panels.
FlorenceArt.Net Studio, Florence, Italy
Mural Decoration
Mural Decoration, Architectural illusion, Trompe l’Oeil
Learn techniques of the ancient art passed down through generations of artisans.
FlorenceArt.Net Studio, Florence, Italy
Decorative Painting
Advanced Decorative Painting
Study techniques to strengthen the most important aspects of your decorative painting.
FlorenceArt.Net Studio, Florence, Italy
Decorative Painting
Introduction to Decorative Painting
Learn traditional techniques for producing traditional Florentine painted decoration.
FlorenceArt.Net Studio, Florence, Italy
Advanced Water Gilding