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Art Activities in Florence

Short workshops in an artisan studio in FLORENCE, ITALY

Our studio  in the center of Florence offers students the unique opportunity to take part in 'hands on' gilding and Florentine Furniture decoration courses that are held in a working artisan atelier.  Students will enjoy learning an antique craft within the context of a lively cultural exchange. See our work spaces

 Our Art Studio for your Group

Florentine artisan courses for school groupsHere are some 'hands on' proposals for your group that can help with understanding and appreciating the Art of Florence.

These one-day workshops start with a visual presentation in our studio space. We are able to accomodate groups of up to 20 people in our art studio in the center of Florence. After the initial presentation, we work with your group to produce small works of art, related to the theme you have chosen. Everbody gets involved, to experience for themselves how Florence's art works came to be.

1) Precious Works of Art (How a Masterpiece is Constructed):
Presentation: Some unique facts about Florence, the city with the highest concentration of works of art in the world. How did Florence become a centre for art and architecture, how were the art works created? Why do people visit Florence, and what things (sometimes irreverent) past visitors have said about Florence and her art works.

Workshop: We get out the art materials and get to work. We show you how a famous alter panel like the Cimabue crucifix is made, for example. Each work of art has a unique history, and sometimes a work like the Cimabue crucfix has a dramatic story of how it was saved from disaster and lovingly restored during the flood of 1966. We cover all the steps involved in gilding and decorating a work of art like the many alter panels found in Florence's museums and churches.

Project*: Students gild a small pendant-size wooden panel*, decorate it with punch work, and painted designs.

2) Story Telling in Art (Making a Fresco):
Presentation: A look at some of the many stories told through the fresco cycles in and around Florence. Famous artists like Giotto, Masaccio and Andrea del Sarto have told stories from the bible, but not only. There are 'day in the life' stories, war and politics on the walls. Comparisons are made to contempory forms of public storytelling.

Workshop:An introduction to the materials, instruments and pigments needed to paint, colour and incise fresco plasters. Students experiment on large panels in the studio using the techniques of renaissance 'buon fresco'

Project*:The group can work on one or two large panels as a group effort. In this case we photograph the projects and students leave with a photographic souvenir. Alternatively we can make small individual panels.

3) Renaissance People (Making Portraits):
Presentation: The Renaisance brought a shift to a more human-centered universe and the interest in portraying personalities shines through in many well known renaissance masterpieces. Surprising self portraits appear in works of art by famous artists, and we can make direct eye contact with them over the centuries. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in great detail about portraiture and capturing the essence of the sitter.

Workshop: We recreate some of Leonardo's ideal lighting conditions and experiment with digital photography. We also create renaissance frames for our portraits.

Project*: Students make a colour print from a digital image , and decorate a small ornamental frame.

*Projects may vary

Please note: sometimes the timing of the presentation may be moved to accommodate drying times of the projects.

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to explore the historical aspects of Italian arts and crafts, and to teach an understanding of the high quality materials and craftsmanship involved in the production of them.

Intended Audience: The course is intended for students of art history, fine arts, interior design and students of Italian language and culture.

Duration: We are flexible with the timetable for the courses.  They can be arranged for a few days during one week, or spread out as two or three sessions a week over a few weeks, depending on your the needs of your group.


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