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5 day interactive seminars in Florence, Italy

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These are brief seminars that can be customized to fit individual needs depending on their level. They are ideal for short stay visitors to Florence. Our studio courses are conducted with an emphasis on practical restoration by highly qualified teachers recognized by the Italian authorities. For additional information on 5 day restoration seminars and registration please contact

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Course objectives:

This course teaches basic hands on techniques for practical repair and cleaning of oil paintings on canvas.
The teacher aims to allow the students to see and try techniques of restoration as well as providing extensive notes and reference materials regarding products and additional sources of information, in order to give each student the practical wherewithal to begin restoring canvases independently.

This course covers:
the use of solvents for cleaning various types of typical damage such as smoke and old varnish.
the consolidation and conservation of the canvas and the painted surface.
repair of cuts and tears.
patching techniques.
filling and retouching of the painted surface.
the use of paints and varnishes specifically suited to restoration.

About the course:
The Florentine expertise and standards in painting conservation taught in this course are well known and respected internationally. The course is useful for people who wish an introduction to the restoration of canvases, or for qualified restorers who wish to review or update their knowledge regarding specific aspects of painting restoration

Instructor: Chiara Mignani
Chiara is a paintings conservator, owner of her own restoration studio in Florence where she works on public commissions from the O.P.D. (the 'Opificio delle Pietre Dure') and the 'Soprintendenza' of fine arts in Florence as well as private commissions. She is an honours graduate of the prestigious and internationally recognized school of restoration, the O.P.D. in Florence, with an extensive and varied working experience in the important museum collections and private restoration studios of Florence. Chiara also teaches at the International Art University Foundation of Florence.

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Day 1 Monday
- 4 hours
Introduction to the art of gilding, presentation of materials and general decorative techniques.
Choosing the object for the project.
Applying the gesso.

Day 2 Tuesday - 4 hours
Preparing the surfaces to be gilded. Applying the bole.
Gilding the object.

Day 3 Wednesday - 4 hours
Burnishing the gold and antiquing.

Day 4 Thursday
- 4 hours
Preparation and application of a special lacquer specifically made for the decorative technique known as "graffito".

Day 5 Friday - 4 hours
Final finishing of the object.

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Please keep in mind that August is a traditional summer break in Italy. Most schools, artisan workshops, businesses, etc. are closed, therefore courses and the Artisan Quarter tour may not be available during that month. Check Italian public holidays before you plan your trip.

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