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Custom gilding, antique and modern styles of decorative painting, color consulting, reproduction of antiques.

If your taste leads you to seek a truly unique custom product in today’s world of mass produced decoration and furnishings, we are happy to meet your needs, providing high quality work at fair prices.

From design to execution of decoration on furniture or walls:
We can offer you custom design, colour and a very high level of specialized decorative skill. Our fine arts training and years of experience in the design industry allow us to offer interior designers an artistic interpretation of their clients needs, professionally delivered. Our clients are some of the most discerning professionals in the design and furniture business worldwide. Orders from individual private clients are also welcomed.

Custom decorative painting of any kind:
Our decorative specialties include: Water gilding, furniture and frame reproduction and restoration, specialized decoration, decorative painting in all styles: Grottesca (grotesque), baroque, rococo, chinoiserie, oriental lacquer, trompe l'oeil, grisaille, quadraturismo, murals, harpsichord decoration including the application of hand printed papers.

Reproduction or restoration of antiques:
We create furniture pieces and accessories that have the presence, colour and feel of fine antiques, and improve with time. We use artisan techniques passed down since the renaissance, and only genuine high quality materials like carved solid wood, real gold leaf, earth pigments and waxes to correctly restore or to create exceptional furniture objects of refined beauty and genuine museum quality.

From design to construction of furniture, custom carving and wood work:
We can design, create and finish furniture in any style. We are happy to accept custom orders and commissions. We work with a carefully selected handful of craftspeople, trained in the Florentine tradition, with highly developed skills that are increasingly hard to find in our modern world.

How to commission custom design or decorative work:
A first contact usually involves a discussion of fees, time line, budget and specifications for the project. We do charge a design fee for projects requiring design and on-site visits. This fee is non refundable. We can provide an exact quote for the entire commission when the final designs have been approved.

Some examples of our work:

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