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Mixed Media Intensive Class

Participate in this special Intensive program to gain insight into many different decorative techniques

About the Special Program: This is a unique occasion for both experienced and beginning decorators to take part in an intensive program covering a wide range of historical decorative techniques fundamental to contemporary interior decoration work. It is an overview of  high quality decorative work in a beautiful, inspiring environment. Participate in these concentrated,  well organized classes and enjoy lots of individual attention from a highly skilled teacher, expert in the field of decoration. Because the class size is limited, we can offer you the possibility to customize further within your program, working on sample projects of your choice. This special offer allows you to try a variety of techniques, understand the history of them and see where your interests lie. Sign up early because classes fill quickly.


About the course: This intensive program is meant to introduce students to many different techniques which they may wish to pursue in more depth at a later time. Class sessions will be taught by an expert teacher and time will be spent working on hands-on studio projects under the supervision of the instructor. Free time in Florence can be used to stock up on inspiration visiting the city's museums and churches. We are happy to give insider's tips on what to see. Below is a list of subjects covered in the intensive study program:

- Furniture Decoration: Students learn the techniques and materials used for the proper preparation of wooden objects, panels and furniture. The program covers the practical use and formulation of gessoes, casein, and lime and glue paints, basic mordant gilding, as well as antiquing techniques and wax finishes for creating Italian and French style historical furniture finishes. More course info

- Imitation of Marble: (Faux Marbre) Students learn the techniques and materials used for creating panels of painted marble. 'Faux marbre' has both contemporary and historical applications. The technique used often in decorative schemes for interiors and furniture, and in the restoration of historical decoration. Several different types of marble imitation are executed, using different methods. 

-Chiaroscuro and Mural Techniques : Students learn an historical method for effectively creating trompe l’oeil frames and ornament. This subject matter has a wide practical application; learning the basics of mixing shades and working with light and shadow can be used generally throughout any type of decorative painting.  More course info

-Painted ornament, Stencil and Colour :
In this segment of the course we cover several fundamental rules in the use of color, based on automatic optic responses, and explore how to combine and mix colours. We combine the use of stencils and hand painted ornament for making decorative borders and all-over patterns. Composition and harmony of design in ornamental decoration are explored. This introduction is very useful for those who would like to decorate both rooms and furniture pieces. More course info

- Fresco, Sgraffito and Italian Plasters: Students learn true fresco techniques with real lime plaster: how to make fresco plaster with lime and sand, and how to execute decorative work with compatible pigments. These techniques are useful to make high quality decorative panels or for the creation or restoration of decorative frescoes on site, indoors or outdoors. The textural richness and the lively receptiveness of the fresco surface cannot be imitated with modern materials. More course info

Instruction is available in English and Italian

Spaces are limited to 10 students at one time

Deadline for application:
Feb 15, 2019

How to apply:
Please send your request by email to the studio.
A deposit 30 percent will be required at the time of registration
contact the studio by e-mail

Please note:  Students will be given a supply list of materials to bring to class. This will include a personal set of brushes, paper, and imitation gold leaf.
Students must ensure that they have all necessary visa and health insurance for their stay.

Our studio in Florence:
Via della Scala 11 (near Piazza Santa Maria Novella)
50123 Firenze


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